Learn How to Stop Creditor Harassment

Put a Halt to Threats from Debt Collectors

Learning how to stop creditor harassment in Tiffin, Ohio, can relieve a lot of stress. When debt collection calls involve intimidation, the situation gets worse. The good news is you can do something to put a stop to threats from debt collectors. Even if they are simply doing their job, there are still tools available to end the creditor harassment nightmare.

Let’s review how to stop creditor harassment in Tiffin, Ohio. First, we will explain your rights as a debtor. Then, we’ll talk about when you should consider suing them. Finally, we will explain why you shouldn’t sit there and take abuse from collectors. The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC can help clients learn how to stop creditor harassment.

What Are My Rights As A Debtor?

You may have made mistakes that put you in debt, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. You don’t need to accept all of this constant pestering. Debtor’s rights protect you from specific actions taken by debt collectors. According to the Unfair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collectors cannot:

  • Contact you repeatedly or at unreasonable hours
  • Contact your employer if you tell them not to
  • Fail to identify themselves as a debt collector
  • Contact your family, friends, and neighbors without permission
  • Make threats related to child custody
  • Use derogatory words

There are specific limits to what debt collectors can and cannot do. You, as a debtor, also have the right to tell a debt collector never to call you again. This instance doesn’t mean you’re off the hook., but it does mean you don’t need to take their persistent pestering.

You Can Also Sue The Debt Collectors If This Doesn’t Stop

If the consistent badgering keeps continues, one option is to write the collector a cease letter. If that doesn’t work, a letter from an attorney usually will. The attorney can file a lawsuit that prohibits debt collector harassment. Federal law requires a collector to stop contacting you if an attorney represents you. Even though this doesn’t apply to collectors gathering their own debts, they usually will honor requests from a lawyer. Legal ethics generally bind attorneys working for a collection agency not to contact debtors that have lawyers.

Insist On The Collector Validating The Debt

Some debt collectors are notorious for immoral practices, like threatening to take legal action after the statute of limitations expires. You could be the target of a debt collection scam and not owe anything. Therefore, it’s wise to ask the collector to validate the debt in writing politely. By law, they have five days to send the notice, and you have 30 days to dispute it. Collectors must provide you with information on the amount, original collector, and name of the person who owes it.

Take As Accurate of Notes As You Can

This tactic applies to all calls you take, including those that go to voicemail. Write down everything the collector says. Document the date of the call, the name of the person calling, and the amount they claim you owe. There are a lot of moving parts throughout this process. Taking notes can help you keep track of everything. It also can prepare a solid legal defense for you if they head to court. Take time to write down everything you can possibly think of to help you remember things.

Don’t Be Afraid To Hang Up If You Have To

If you’re on the phone with a collector and he or she engages in illegal actions, it’s okay to hang up. No one should sit there and take their abuse. If you reach this point, be sure to write down their name, firm, and what they said to you. This situation is already stressful enough and sitting there and taking abuse doesn’t make it easier. You have every right to defend yourself, and if that doesn’t work, consult one of our kind and compassionate attorneys.

The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, Offers Creditor Harassment Service

The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC has helped residents throughout Tiffin, Ohio, and beyond deal with creditor harassment. We have over 35 years of legal experience and believe that every case is important and unique. The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC prides itself on offering honest advice and high-quality representation. We use our expertise to fight for your rights and put an end to all this pestering.

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