Bankruptcy Worksheet

Common Bankruptcy Concerns

The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, Helps Tiffin, Ohio With Bankruptcy

Our law firm deals with common bankruptcy concerns. In our previous blog about chapter 7 and chapter 13 liquidation, our lawyers explained how to determine the right avenue. When filing for liquidation, individuals in Tiffin, Ohio, are bound to have many concerns. This month, The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, will explain some common bankruptcy concerns.


Can an Attorney Help Me File?

While it’s not required to have a lawyer when filing for liquidation in Tiffin, Ohio, we recommend consulting us. The laws and procedures of the liquidation process can be confusing. The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, knows the bankruptcy laws and can help you make the best decision.


Are Student Loans Dischargeable Through Bankruptcy?

This debt is not dischargeable unless individuals can prove that student loan repayment would impose an undue hardship. The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, recommends looking into the repayment plans available through your Tiffin, Ohio, loan servicer.


Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Take Different Amounts of Time

Individuals filing for Chapter 7 will take approximately four months to complete the payments. Clients in Tiffin, Ohio, who file for chapter 13 bankruptcy will make payments for three to five years. The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, can help clients determine the right chapter to file under.


Will Clients Lose Everything After Filing in Tiffin, Ohio?

Regardless of what type of bankruptcy clients file, they will not lose all of their property. Filing for chapter 7 will allow individuals in Tiffin, Ohio, to keep all property as long as no excess equity exists. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows clients to keep most, if not all, property. Individuals who can afford basic monthly payments but cannot stay current with others mostly use this liquidation. Contact The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, today to sort out any issues with liquidation.



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