Paying with a credit card

The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, Offers Tips to Build Credit

Build Your Credit in Tiffin, Ohio, with The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC

Are you looking for tips to build credit? If so, The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, can help. Credit score ranges in the “fair” and “bad” areas could see some dramatic results. Individuals who struggle with low scores are better positioned to make gains quickly than others. The Law Office of Kevin Mack, LLC, is here to provide Tiffin, Ohio, clients with tips to build and repair credit. Read along to learn some helpful tips:


Strategically Pay Your Balances in Tiffin, Ohio

Paying the balance down before the billing cycle ends is a great way to keep your balance low.

Ask for Higher Limits

If your limit goes up, but your balance remains the same, it lowers your overall score. Individuals whose income increases have a better shot at getting a higher limit.

Become an Authorized User

If you have a relative with a high limit, adding them as authorized users can improve your score.

Make Payments on Time

Late payments can stay on your reports for seven years. Late payments can hurt your score.

Dispute Errors on Your Report

Mistakes on your report can hurt your score. Disputing errors can quickly improve your score.

Deal With Collections Accounts in Tiffin, Ohio

Paying off the collections account removes the possibility of a lawsuit because of the debt. Clients in Tiffin, Ohio, can remove the collections accounts from their reports if they are inaccurate.

Use a Secured Credit Card

Rebuild your score with a secured card backed by a cash deposit. On-time payments can help build your score if you use it like a regular card.

Get Credit for Rent and Utility Payments in Tiffin, Ohio

Adding rent reporting services to your on-time payments can improve your score in Tiffin, Ohio.

Add an Additional Credit Card

Adding another card to your mix can help your score if you don’t already have that type of credit.



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